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Winter 2024 Session

Dennis Kato

" Imprisoned without Trial: the Story of Japanese Internment in World War II"

Wednesday, January 24, 2024 @ 9:30AM CT

Fear, hatred, and racism toward the Chinese and Japanese began in the mid-1800s culminating with the incarceration of over 1250,000 Japanese at the beginning of WWII, two-thirds of whom were US citizens. We will discuss how, when, and why racism landed Americans in what is more accurately described as prison camps, and what we can do to countermand the effect of anti-Asian violence and racism in America today.

Denny Kato is a third-generation Japanese American, or Sansei. He received a BA from the University of Cincinnati and had a long career in restaurant management. After retirement he has studied extensively and lectured frequently on the topic of the internment of Japanese American citizens in WWII.

dennis kato family in 1935
Dennis Kato family in 1935.


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