Technical Help

What is a UT EID? Why do I need one?

A UT EID is an electronic identification for individuals. Everyone who interacts with The University of Texas needs a UT EID and secure password. Obtain your UT EID to join the Osher Institute prospective member list and then use it to log in once you join a program!

Use the Self-Service Tools link below to obtain a UT EID, find your UT EID, or reset your password.

UT EID Self-Service Tools:

If you need more assistance go to the UT EID Help Page or call the IT Help Desk while you are at your computer.

UT EID Help Page:

IT Help Desk: 512-475-9400

How do I get WiFi or internet access when I’m at the Thompson Conference Center?

  • The Thompson Conference Center has access to UTGuest, free WiFi service provided by the Univeristy of Texas at Austin for visitors to get Internet connectivity.

Members Only Website - How to Logon to the Member Pages

Current members can logon to the member pages

Enter your UT EID and Password then click “Log In.”

EID login page


Update My Profile & Use the Member Pages

Once logged in you can update your profile and find information about seminars and lectures.

To view and edit your profile click on the “profile” button at the top right of the member page.

profile button

You can view your profile to see: 

  • Contact information
  • Personal biography
  • Member photo

To edit your profile, click on “Edit My Profile”, make changes and click "Save."

edit my profil

You can also view "My Membership" or "My Volunteer Preferences."

What can I do in the UT OLLI Workspace?

The UT OLLI Workspace is a meeting room and computer bank on the lobby level of the Thompson Conference Center. The workspace is connected to the UT OLLI office suites.

  • If you cannot log in at home, please make an appointment with the UT OLLI office to meet a staff member or volunteer who can walk you through the login process and help you become familiar with the member pages.
  • Committee members can get work done in the UT OLLI Workspace including: training with your program webmaster, entering data, and doing research.
  • UT OLLI supported committees may schedule to meet in the UT OLLI Workspace.

Call the UT OLLI office at 512-471-3124 to make an appointment to use the UT OLLI Workspace.

Committee Members and Committee Chairs

If you are serving on a volunteer committee or as a committee chair you might have administrative or super administrative access when you log in. Your webmaster grants access and will help you navigate the information at your disposal and assist you with any data entry requirements your committee needs.

Contact your webmaster here:

Email UT FORUM Webmaster

Email UT LAMP Webmaster

Email UT NOVA Webmaster

Email UT QUEST Webmaster

Email UT SAGE Webmaster

You can also contact a UT OLLI staff member via email or call the office at 512-471-3124.

Support from your Program Webmaster!

Your program webmaster is a member volunteer. They work to make your online experience excellent. They are here to train and support the many committees that make up the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute programs great.