Frequently Asked Questions


What are the requirements to join UT OLLI?We do not screen for age nor require former affiliation with The University of Texas at Austin (i.e. alumni) or any higher education certification. To become a member, we only ask that you be able to set up a UT EID and have an email address that is routinely checked for updates and timely information.
How do I become a UT OLLI Member?

Please register on our Prospective Member list to begin receiving information regarding new member enrollment.

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I am a current member, can I switch programs? Yes! During the open enrollment period, current members may renew membership in any UT OLLI program. If you have already paid one program's annual membership fee and would like to switch to a different program, you will pay the difference between programs (if applicable) and an additional $35.00 administrative fee.
Can my spouse join a program after New Member Enrollment closes? Yes! Preference to spouses of current members will be given until the first day of the fall session.
How do I apply for a scholarship? Select Scholarship Application within the Current Members or Prospective Members menu options. Complete the form and press the Submit button when finished. Scholarship applications are sent directly to the UT OLLI Director and remain confidential. If granted, scholarships are good for an entire program year.
Is the UT OLLI membership fee tax-deductible? Even though UT Austin is a nonprofit, to the best of our knowledge membership fees are not tax-deductible. Because UT OLLI classes are non-credit and do not lead to a certificate or degree, they are not a qualified education expense under the American Opportunities Tax Credit. Unlike nonprofits where membership is an optional way to demonstrate support for an organization (e.g. a museum membership), UT OLLI membership dues are not tax-deductible because memberships are a condition of participation. For further clarification, please consult your tax professional.


I forgot my password and/or UT EID? UT OLLI staff do not have access to member passwords, however they can verify your UT EID. If you need password help, please call the UT ITS Help Desk at 512-475-9400.
I lost my name badge, how do I get a replacement? There is a $10.00 fee for replacement badges. Please visit the UT OLLI office in the Thompson Conference Center to order and pay for your badge. When your badge arrives you will be notified by email; badges may be picked up following notification.
Do I need an email address to participate in a UT OLLI program? Yes, you need an email to enroll, register and receive ongoing communications and membership updates.


What is the refund policy? A member may request a refund of the annual membership fee, less a $35.00 administrative fee, any time before the first day of the fall session. Refunds will not be processed after the fall session begins.
May I receive a refund for an event, if I don’t show up? Refunds can only be issued before the RSVP deadline.
If I can’t attend all lectures and seminars, can I prorate the cost or obtain credit towards a future membership? There are no prorations or credits for any lectures or seminars that a member cannot attend.
Is my membership transferable to another person, or can another person attend class in my place? Membership fees are not transferable. No other person can attend a course session in place of a member.

Getting to Class

Where do I park? You may park in Lot 40 located on the corner of Dean Keeton and Red River. Lot 40 is reserved at no charge for Thompson Conference Center (TCC) visitors and guests only. When Lot 40 is full, you may park in any campus parking garage at a discount. Please stop by the TCC office (room 1.116) for parking validation.
What are the public transportation options? The Capitol Metro mainline bus system provides access to many different parts of the Austin area. For more information, please visit the Capitol Metro web site at


What is a seminar? A seminar is a course that meets weekly for six consecutive weeks. Seminars either have a single speaker or multiple speakers that present on a theme for the entire seminar series.
What is a lecture? A lecture is a one-time event on a topic of general interest given by one or several speakers.
What am I registered for? I can’t remember. Please visit and click on Member Login to access CAMPsite; there you will find your course registration listed by time and topic.
Can classes be moved or cancelled?

Classes are sometimes moved to a different location to accommodate enrollments that are higher or lower than expected. This allows us to accept more members into a class instead of turning people away, or move a small class into a room that is better suited for group discussions. Sometimes venue availability changes as well. Members are asked to check the printed stand signs on each floor for class locations.

Classes are cancelled as a last resort. Reasons for class cancellation can include instructor illness, weather, emergency or a combination of factors. On rare occasions there may be a cancellation of a lecture or seminar due to unforeseen circumstances. In these situations, if there is a simultaneous offering, all affected members are welcome to participate assuming space availability.

Emergency closures of the university can result in cancellations or a delayed start of UT OLLI programs. Whenever The University of Texas at Austin makes the decision to close the university for the day or delay the start of classes, the details of the closure are posted online at:

How do I access readings and other course materials for a class? Class materials and readings are made available on the member website, CAMPsite, using the left navigation bar by selecting seminars or lectures, then selecting the appropriate course code.
How is the program year schedule determined?

As a facility of The University of Texas at Austin, the Thompson Conference Center is typically closed when the University is closed, as a university program, UT OLLI follows the university holiday schedule.

The University of Texas at Austin schedule may be found at:

What happens if a class is cancelled? Whenever possible a make-up class will be scheduled during the same program session.
Can I record a class? Recording of lectures or class presentations made with the instructor's advance consent is authorized solely for the purposes of individual or group study with students enrolled in the same class unless the instructor has given explicit written consent for other uses. The recording may not be reproduced or distributed in any manner, including the Internet, without the instructor's written consent.
I have an idea for a class. How do I let UT OLLI know about my idea? You may contact the UT OLLI Curriculum Coordinator at 512-471-3124, or talk to the applicable program curriculum chair.
What are the policies regarding animals in UT OLLI classrooms and the Thompson Conference Center? A service animal is permitted on campus grounds and within university buildings with an individual with a disability. This practice follows Title II and III of the American with Disabilities Act Amendment Act (ADAAA).


Can I bring someone who is not a member to social events? Yes! Current members are welcome to bring guests to UT OLLI sponsored events.
What is the difference between official and unofficial events? Official events are sponsored by the UT OLLI office. Staff and volunteers plan and organize official events together. Unofficial events are organized outside the UT OLLI structure and are considered extra-curricular activities.