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What is UT OLLI Online?

The COVID-19 pandemic shut down on-campus university operations in March 2020, just before the third and final session of UT OLLI's 2019-2020 program year. As a result, the Spring 2020 session was implemented entirely online and a collaborative curriculum was offered across all five programs. Members in any of the programs were able to participate in live, online seminars & lectures. In addition, all webinars conducted were recorded and put online for "on-demand" content for members to access at their leisure.

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Now UT OLLI is offering throughout the entire 2020-2021 program year (Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Spring 2021) an improved, online experience until members can return to campus. Member-driven curriculum committees from all five UT OLLI programs have contributed to build the upcoming sessions' schedule of virtual seminars & lectures offered via the Zoom video-conferencing platform.

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Join any of the 6 UT OLLI programs and you will have access to all content offered during the three 6-week sessions of programming.

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*Please note that the Compare Programs chart below currently reflects information for in-person programming. Dates and time will differ with the UT OLLI Online schedules.

Compare Programs

Program Pro-Rated Annual Membership Fee* Schedule Seminars Lectures
UT OLLI SAGE $217 Monday Choose from 2-3 simultaneous seminars each week at 9:30AM, 11:00AM, 1:00PM, and 2:30PM. One half-day lecture before the start of each six week session.
UT OLLI LAMP $217 Tuesday, Thursday TBD Lecture at 9:15AM and 10:45AM each day.
UT OLLI NOVA $217 Wednesday Choose from 3 seminars at 9:30AM and again at 11:00AM each week. 1 lecture each week at 1:00PM.
UT OLLI QUEST $217 Tuesday, Thursday On Thursdays, choose from 3 seminars at 1:00PM and again at 2:45PM. On Tuesdays, lecture at 1:00PM and at 2:45PM.
UT OLLI FORUM $217 Friday Choose from 3 seminars at 9:30AM and again at 11:00AM each week. 1 lecture each week at 1:15PM.
UT OLLI SCHOLARS $217 UT OLLI SCHOLARS allows you to expand your Seminar/Lecture options! You may choose from any program any day, any time (pending availability).
Due to the present circumstance, this membership has a special reduced rate from $600.00 while on-campus opportunities are pending. In the event seminars and lectures exclusive to individual programs become available, UT OLLI SCHOLARS members may choose to pay the remaining price difference to remain in UT OLLI SCHOLARS or select one of the other 5 existing programs to join at no additional cost.
*Pro-rated Membership fee! Join any program now for $217.00 and experience the Winter & Spring 2021 sessions. 
Please click on the program names for more information.

How to join UT OLLI?


Sign up for the prospective member list

Join the prospective member list to receive an invitation to enroll in one of the five UT OLLI programs when registration is open to new members.


Receive registration information

Important information will be sent to you about how to obtain a UT EID, set your password, and enroll. Prior to enrolling, the Scholarship Application for Membership is also available for your consideration.


Choosing the right program

The five UT OLLI programs are different in three ways: annual membership fees, time and day classes meet and the ratio of single lecture offerings compared to six-week seminars. View the table above for more details.

Contact UT OLLI

Give the gift of OLLI!

Give your loved one an annual membership to UT OLLI. Pro-rated memberships for the Winter & Spring 2021 sessions are available and new members can begin participating by January 12th, 2021.

Please call the UT OLLI office for more information on how to purchase a gift membership today!